Welcome to your gradings page

Here you will find a list of the gradings, click on the links to see what you will need to demonstrate for each of them. We will try to keep the grading requirements up to date but please check with Sensei Stacy that you have covered everything before your grading.

Click here for our katas page to see demonstrations of the katas you will need to learn for your gradings.

Dan Gradings

4th Dan

3rd Dan

2nd Dan

1st Dan

Kyu Gradings

1st Kyu (Brown belt 3 stripe)

2nd Kyu (Brown belt 2 stripe)

3rd Kyu (Brown belt 1 stripe)

4th Kyu (Purple Belt)

5th Kyu (Blue Belt)

6th Kyu (Green Belt)

7th Kyu (Orange Belt)

8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

Japanese terminology/Japanese test

Japanese to English terminology translation