On Monday 24 June 2019 we were honoured to be taught aikido at the club by Sensei Frank Burlingham and Sensei Vince Hammond along with Matthew Skazick and Lyubov Zaitseva.

This was a great opportunity for us all to practice another martial art, either learning something completely new for the beginners or to refine and better understand things that the more experienced amongst us had picked up over the years.

They were all very patient with us as we tried out and fumbled our way through new ways of moving us and our opponents about. It is amazing how little things can make a big difference with their techniques.

In the second lesson they were kind enough to show us how aikido worked with weapons and how their principles of moving, posture and techniques derived from Japanese sword work.

They didn’t just teach us but trained with us so we could feel how the techniques should work and allow us to use the techniques on them too so that we could do them better and be confident that they would work for us should we choose to use them.

I think it is fair to say that we all enjoyed the experience.

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