Yoi. Forward Zen Kutsu Dachi Mawashi Empi Uchi, back Gedan Bari, forward inside Shuto. Back to Yoi. Repeat other side. Demo.

Neko Ashi Dachi, leading leg Mawashi Geri, land Zen Kutsu Dachi, Gyaku Tsuki, back into Neko Ashi Dachi coming forward. Demo.

Zen Kutsu Dachi Tsurikomi Mawashi Geri, Ushiro Geri land in Yoi, Yoko Geri, land forward. Repeat on opposite side. Demo.

Zen Kutsu Dachi project Maekin Tsuki, Jodan Gyaku Tsuki, Ura Mawashi Geri. Back to guard. Demo.

Sanchin Dachi Kakewake Uke. Moving forward. Demo.

Combination 7a. Demo.

Combination 7b. Demo.

Padwork Gyaku Tsuki weak hand. Demo.

Padwork Cresent Kick. Demo.

Padwork Mae Geri weak leg. Demo.

Padwork jab & hook to focus mitts. Demo.

One shot Mawashi Geri.

Japanese Test. Examiners will call out 5 techniques and candidates will demonstrate. (1 point each).

Partnerwork. Attack: Grabbing technique from front. Defence of choice.

Partnerwork. Attack: Grabbing technique from rear. Defence of choice.

Partnerwork. Attack: Strangle from front. Defence of choice.

Demonstrate & explain 2 techniques from choice of 5 given prior to grading. Examiners choice. (mark out of 5 for each).

Jiin (x3 marks). Demo. Slow version.

Matsukaze (x3 marks). Demo. Slow version.

Random past kata (x3 marks).

Random past kata (x3 marks).


Pass mark 96.

For a pdf copy of the grading sheet click here.