On 1 November the club held a grading evening and I am very pleased to say that everybody passed, mostly comfortably so, with the grading panel being very impressed with what they saw. A very well done goes to the following:

Jacob Farnese – 8th kyu
Kenzo Peach – 8th kyu
Stanley Horne – 8th kyu
Matt Grimes – 7th kyu
Oliver Farnese – 7th kyu
Kody Murphy – 7th kyu
Kevin Liu – 7th kyu
Ivan Liu – 7th kyu
Lucy Moores – 7th kyu
Holly Jacobs – 5th kyu
Donna Farnese – 4th kyu
Luca Farnese – 4th kyu
Eleanor Pepper – 4th kyu
Miriam Pepper – 3rd kyu
Andrea White – 2nd kyu

We have a very wide range of people training at the club. Some find karate technically easy, whilst others struggle to concentrate or to get their bodies to do what they know it should be doing, or get any power into their techniques.

It was most pleasing to see some students who have struggled do so well. It is a great credit to them that they have persisted with their training and are now looking sharp, focussed and capable.

Despite the seriousness of the occasion there were some lighter moments mainly thanks to Andrea’s self-defence techniques and Ian’s obvious discomfort, coming shortly after holding the pad for quite a few too many front kicks.

I also took a foot on the chin whilst holding the pad for Donna as her mawashi geri skimmed off the top. Fortunately, she managed to reduce its power before it struck home. Having not played much competitive football in my life I managed to resist the temptation to throw myself on the floor as if I had been shot.

I would also like to thank Louisa, Ian, Steve, Rob and John for their help on the grading panel and in the lessons helping to get everybody ready for the big night. Their enthusiasm and willingness to help is a very important part of the club.

Well done everybody, I’m proud of you.


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