On 27 November 2017 the club held a grading evening and I am pleased to say there were a lot of eager students hoping to impress the grading panel. More so than I had expected and had planned for in fact.

Everyone tried their best on the evening and those that attended regularly, and even practised at home, stood out as very worthy of passing the grading. We couldn’t award everyone a new belt on the night but they will be wearing them early in the new year with a little bit of luck.

Congratulations go to:

Yellow belts
Lucy Moores
Ryan Carter
Oliver Farnese
Lee Cole
Matthew Grimes
Jake Haylett

Orange belts
Satori Young
YuYan Wu
Mark Palmer

Green belt
Holly Jacobs

Blue belts
Luca Farnese
Donna Farnese

I was especially pleased with the attitude of the youngsters volunteering to show off their katas at the end of the grading, eager to show us what they had worked hard at and were rightly proud of. Well done to them.

Thank you also to the grading panel for their help on the evening itself and through the year.

Here are some dates for you diary:

Christmas party – Monay 18th December

First lesson of the new year – Monday 8th January


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